Gifts that will make the newlyweds even happier

It’s hard to imagine a greater honor and joy than receiving a wedding invitation. The beautiful bride, the happy groom, their parents who are at the height of bliss, the amazing atmosphere and the love that envelops everyone present. At the same time, it’s also a huge responsibility: you have to find the right costume/dress, free up a day or two to be able to get to the celebration and, worst of all, choose the right gift. We can definitely help you with the latter! 

How to choose a present

You can find a whole string of options for what you can give to newlyweds. For example, an Ann Taylor card is a great solution as a gift for the bride. But if you want to choose a gift for the couple, it makes sense to look at the other options available.

Another traditional type of gift given to the newlyweds is vases. There’s a huge selection of them online, for every taste and color. From rarity crystal vases made in Germany back in the mid-twentieth century to modern works of art. And then there’s the amphora vase from English company French Trading, which knows a lot about aristocratic luxury. And as a real embodiment of your love and wishes of happy sailing in the sometimes stormy waters of family life – the vase Silver Neptune.

A good way to express what you want to wish the bride and groom in the first place, is to give a statuette. There are a huge number of figurines online, and you’re sure to find just the right figurine that will convey your feelings exactly. Maybe you want every night together for the rest of the newlyweds’ lives to be like an uninterrupted date? Or wish them above all a quiet marital happiness? Or your thoughts are for the bride to experience the joys of motherhood as soon as possible? Or maybe all you want is for the boys to stay on the winged horse of mutual infatuation that lifts them above the ground to the clouds for as long as possible!

Finally, we got to the best present – we’re talking about a book, of course. There’s a wide assortment online. Including books that would be perfect as a gift for newlyweds. For example, Jewish Aphorisms, which succinctly conveys centuries of Jewish wisdom. There are many clever thoughts in this book that can help a young family get out of some difficulty in due course. 

If you want to give an unpretentious gift or are looking for something to add to your gift instead of flowers, it makes sense to use Carrabba’s Italian gift card. Gift cards can be a great solution when you want to choose a great gift. So use specialized websites and try to look for the best solutions.

Certainly, these are our choices of things we advise you to choose as gifts. In any case you know better than us the nature and preferences of newlyweds and can choose on our site exactly what suits your abilities, and your desire to make the bride and groom happy before entering into a family life. We tried to make your search for a suitable gift as easy as possible and we wish your newlyweds a long life, and you have a good time at their wedding.