How to make outdoor advertising to attract customers

Not a single passerby will pass indifferently behind a professionally designed outdoor advertisement – he will definitely pay attention to a bright catchy sign or a box glowing in the dark with any information. Using the opposite principle in the production of outdoor advertising, it is possible to attract the attention of potential customers and arouse interest. However, for this you should know the features of using outdoor advertising, because, according to experts, most of them simply do not work!

The main thing in outdoor advertising is the quality of the color image and the text font used, which should be easy to read and be in contrast with the background. Colors in outdoor advertising such as red, black, purple, brown are considered aggressive, because they often cause negative emotions among passers-by. Accordingly, the information from such an advertising medium will be perceived without much enthusiasm and desire to go somewhere, and even more so to buy something there.

The following combinations of backgrounds and fonts are not suitable for advertising media: black letters – purple or blue background and vice versa, black background – blue and purple letters. Advertising looks good in white letters on a green background, yellow on a black background. Green letters will look bright on a yellow background. There are neutral options that are also widely used in outdoor advertising. These are: a blue background – letters of violet color, a white background – blue letters, a blue font on a blue background.

For example, if an advertising medium depicts a juicy ripe apple or grapes on a light background, then the picture will cause pleasant emotions among casual passers-by, the desire to buy these fruits. If the background is black or just dark, then this product is unlikely to interest them.

Production of outdoor advertising should be done by a professional. After development, the project must be tested: for example, to monitor the number of visitors to the office or store before and after advertising. If the result does not meet expectations, it means that something needs to be changed. Outdoor advertising is very popular because of its relatively low cost and durability, so that the costs spent on it will pay off very quickly.

All types of outdoor advertisements:

– have a wide reach of the target audience;

– durable (although for short-term messages, of course, they are not suitable and contain little information);

– diverse in types: light boxes, three-dimensional letters, neon carriers, plates, information stands, signs, billboards, image designs, window signs nyc and others;

– Not a single company that wants to attract customers can do without the use of outdoor advertising, so the services for its manufacture will always be in demand and popular.

Advertising sign on a light box

In the production of light boxes, all the nuances of their further operation are taken into account. They have a long working life (up to 5 years of continuous use). The image in one box can be replaced as needed. The customer himself determines the size of the production of the light box, as the production capabilities allow the box to be made up to 3 meters wide and up to 50 meters long.

In the production of light boxes, several varieties are distinguished:

  • one-way boxes that are used for outdoor advertising;
  • two-sided light boxes are advantageously used by the owners of shopping centers, as they carry more information, orient the potential buyer.

In the production of light boxes, the lighting method is taken into account. As a rule, an economical LED illumination of the entire area of ​​the advertising medium is used, less often, the illumination along the contour.