Madrid – what good is the capital of Spain?

Sights, rich cultural life, plenty of opportunities – all this is the capital of Spain. Madrid’s characteristics of large developed cities make it one of the most attractive options for those who have decided to move to Spain for permanent residence or just to get property abroad.

Moving to another country or investing in foreign housing requires thorough consideration. What are the pros and cons of the chosen place, which should be paid special attention, as the situation in the real estate market – all these issues require information. You can start looking for a real estate mallorca or choose Madrid, it all depends on your preferences. Madrid, like any other city in the world, has its own special features, strengths and weaknesses.

Local flavour

The title of industrial, financial, economic and cultural centre does not prevent Madrid from maintaining its authenticity. Some of the main streets of Madrid look more like rural than urban streets. You won’t have to wander for long to get a feel for the authentic Spanish atmosphere. In many old central areas such as La Latina, Plaza Mayor, Chueca and others you can see not only the beautiful ancient architecture, but also the way of life that has been preserved here for centuries – open-air restaurants selling right on the street of squid and tapas. People relax and eat, communicate loudly and laugh – this is true Spain.

Madrid never sleeps

Like many other metropolises, Madrid is said to be a city where life is full of people around the clock. And if you add to the “rule of the metropolis” and the love of life of Spaniards, their desire to live today, it becomes clear that it really will not be boring. You can always find something to enjoy, whether it’s cultural or just entertainment.

Madrid is one of the world’s most beautiful capitals because of its attractions. Local museums are among the top ten most visited in the world, and those that are not on this prestigious list are even more, and they are just as interesting. In numerous parks you can always relax like in the lap of nature. And clubs, bars, restaurants and other places where you can have fun without counting. 

The standard of living in Madrid and its cost

Unemployment in the capital is lower than in the rest of the country. There are much more employment opportunities. The average salary of the average Madrid resident is around one thousand Euros per month. This is enough to lead a normal life – rent a house or pay the mortgage, eat and dress well, rest on weekends and holidays.

If you compare it to Barcelona, the cost of living is almost the same. According to the service Numbeo this index is 60.59 in Madrid and 60.44 in Barcelona (for 100% taken New York). It is cheaper to live in Prague, Beijing or Delhi, but in London, Berlin or Sydney life will cost more. What does a resident of Madrid get for the money he spends living here? Perhaps the conditions for living here are much more attractive than in the same London. More sunshine, heat, plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, clean air and a clear sky above your head.

Pros and cons

So, if the choice fell on Madrid, the future owner of the property or the immigrant should be expected:

  • Difficulties in finding a budget residential property;
  • Unobstructed resale of housing bought in Madrid in the future – those who want to buy a house or apartment will be found quickly;
  • Good rental income;
  • Interesting life in the big, developed in every respect and beautiful city;
  • Heat in summer and quite cold weather in winter;
  • Close acquaintance with real Spanish culture, full immersion in it;
  • Living in the rhythm of a big city.