Online Competitive Analysis

Would you like to know what you competitors are doing with online marketing?

 What is their strategy? How does their website stack up? 
 How much are they spending?
 Are they on Google’s first page?…for what keywords?

If you answered “I don’t know” to any of these questions, it’s time you contacted your local WSI Consultant to perform an Online Competitive analysis.

Why? Because to be successful in online marketing, businesses must gain a search advantage over their competition!

Not understanding your competitor’s online activities will result in lost opportunities. It is important to know what your competitors are doing on the Internet, so that you can combat and reduce any advantage they have.  By identifying their Online Marketing strategies you will be in a position to exploit their weaknesses and leverage your company’s strengths to effectively acquire, retain and grow your customer.

Competitive Analysis includes:

As part of the Online Competitive analysis, up to 5 of your competitors will be analyzed and compared to you. The following is among the items included:

  • Identify your competitors Search Engine Strategy.
  • Identify competitors Paid Search strategies, keywords and ads.
  • We provide a complete competitor dashboard including PPC keywords, daily spend, number of web pages, keyword phrases in the top 20, number of links and most importantly their strategy.
  • Estimate your competitors monthly online marketing budget
  • Review your website structure to ensure it doesn’t have structural or design problems.
  • Review of top competitor site.
  • Identify and produce a competitor analysis of the top 5 websites.
  • Identify competitors’ Organic Keyword phrases that rank in Google’s top 20.
  • Produce a PPC Keyword spreadsheet with best performing Ads
  • Identify your competitor’s quality back links.
  • A WebScan audit of all competitors comparing scores for accessibly, content, quality, optimized search and a site score. An indication of how good the website is and how your competitors stack up against each other
  • Your business’ ranking in the top search engines as compared to your competitors’
  • A high level review of key elements on your site that may be hindering your business’ ability to attract and convert visitors into customers
  • Recommendations on what you can do to improve your competitiveness on the Internet

To order your competitive analysis, contact WSI today.