PPC for a law firm

Advertising for lawyers, attorneys and law firms is one of the private applications to specialized marketing agencies. On this today we will tell you how to better organize and conduct an advertising campaign in this area and some features of contextual advertising for lawyers. Although you should understand that for quality results it is better to contact professionals, such as www.lastingtrend.com. Where to start the development of an advertising campaign on legal issues?

Define the goals and target users on your site

How to formulate the task in promoting the law firm with the help of contextual advertising? First of all, it is necessary to define the goals of the contextual advertising. For example, often in the legal topics of the goal of contextual advertising is formulated as follows: “Receive 30 targeted quality appeals (most often calls) per day at the cost of the targeted treatment is not more than $ 6 and the monthly budget for all advertising systems not exceeding $3000.

Qualitative appeal is understood as follows:

  • Appeal to the service that really provides your law firm;
  • Appeal is interesting to you in terms of money (ie, it is not a low-budget appeal);
  • Appeal from your target region;
  • As an indirect quality criterion for calls, we often use the duration of the call. For example, to consider only a call longer than 60 seconds as a target call or a conversion.

Next is the task of specialists in contextual advertising first find such advertising campaigns that will give incoming calls at the target cost, the next step is to reach the required number of calls and applications per day, and finally, to scale up advertising campaigns to increase the number of calls from paid traffic to legal services.

Define the target user actions on your website

Targeted actions can be:

  • Call by phone (in legal topics, the share of calls to projects is usually more than 60% of the total number of calls);
  • A call from the site;
  • Filling in an application for consultation;
  • Online question;
  • Addressing the chat on the site;
  • The list is, of course, open and depends on the specifics of a particular business.

Targeted actions must be specific and achievable. For example, if the site contact phone number is hidden in the basement or it is not at all, it is difficult to count on the growth of calls. The most interesting thing is that such a story (with a phone number) is quite common.

Define your business model

  1. Who is your target audience? Do you work only with individuals or only with legal entities, or you work with both. For each category, determine which services you will promote through contextual advertising. It is often not justified to promote all your legal services at once. 
  2. Do you work with non-residents? You may be working in a narrow niche, such as intellectual property protection or debt collection, and you are providing services to foreign companies by representing them in government courts. It makes sense to try advertising in foreign languages (for Europe, primarily in German and French in addition to English, for Asia in Chinese or Japanese). But immediately all marketing materials must be translated into the correct foreign language without errors, and managers who process applications are fluent in the language.
  3. Do you work with free consultations? You have a streaming law firm with well-established processes for mass processing of applications for free legal advice, or you have a boutique approach, where several key partners, often founders of law firms, work in their specialty. No good or bad scheme, no right or wrong approach.

Lasting Trend will help you understand all the nuances of law firm marketing and help you find your target audience.