Small Business Marketing Tips & Ideas for SMB

As a small business owner, your brand needs all the publicity it can get and you know word of mouth can never be enough. Granted, your average marketing budget for a small business might not be healthy enough, for one thing, you’ll spend the bulk of your capital and resources investing in your products and leaving tiny bits or perhaps leftovers for marketing.

But then vanity comes into the picture when nobody realizes your brand exists, safe for the locals who might not be overly interested in what you are offering. A small business flyer won’t suffice because papers aren’t the real deal in a 21st century world enveloped by digital marketing services for small businesses.

Prime funnel digital marketing agency can help you get more leads, clients and ultimately grow your local business.

This article will bring to the fore some of the things you need to know about online advertising for small business and some very fine handy tips for small business owners. With this article, your budding business can get plucked out of obscurity into the limelight with the marketing strategy for small business you’ll find in it.

Below Are 7 Small Business Marketing Tips And Ideas To Help You Get Started In The Journey Of Online Marketing For Small Businesses.

1. Brand Identity for Small Business Marketing

They say first things first and this is where your first step into business visibility starts. You need to gain clarity on the nature of your brand and create a unique identity for it.

This is the first small business strategy you have to deploy into action. This strategy involves asking yourself some very pivotal questions like;

  • What will my brand stand for or be known for?
  • Who are my potential clients?
  • How is the competition around me like?
  • What would differentiate my brand from the rest?
  • What values will my brand be bringing to the table?

When these questions are answered, you have fulfilled one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses and then you can go ahead to create a brand name and logo. Go unique on your brand name and logo because a unique brand name and logo can stay in the hearts of viewers even when the marketing material or content is out of sight.

With this established identity, you can comfortably employ small business online marketing services at your disposal and begin to grow your brand through small business internet advertising. You can also create a business card with your brand identity and start dispatching.

2. Online Marketing for Small Business Clientele Base

Every business under the sun needs customers to start, thrive and succeed with. But then you need to know your customers or clientele base. Knowing is not enough, you need to have a thorough understanding of the kind of customers and needs you want to address with your business brand.

With a substantial knowledge of your customer base, you will know the right place to channel your small business content marketing resources without wasting them.

It’s pointless selling something in an environment where no one cares one bit about it. It is one of the small business marketing strategies that works for everyone who knows it. And so you are left with a responsibility to do a demographics and survey on the needs of your customers.

Factors like their age bracket, estimated monthly income, spending powers and history, their profession and most predominant gender will be incorporated into your survey.

3. Website as link for Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

The online presence of your small business is ultimately hinged on its website. The website is its second home away from the mortar and brick head office. Ideally, you would want to deploy some social media marketing packages for small businesses which will include affordable small business seo services and many others.

You’ll need a backlink that contains a landing page for all your marketing content (Facebook and Instagram ads) and displays all over the social media. A landing page where your customers will click to see what you’ve bragging about and know if they’ll subscribe to your brand and its offerings.

If you are looking for how to get your small business noticed beyond your locality, then a website is what you are looking for. This might strain your purse a little, but it’s a profitable investment and while straining your purse, go for quality, make your website unique and let it reel out class.

Appearance might deter people away from it or lure them in and so design is as essential as the content you will be creating for it. Your small business digital marketing experience will be defined by your website and its quality.

The experience will be reflected on the backlinks you get (number of clicks your websites receives by visitors on a daily basis), so if you don’t own a website how do you analyze your businesses’ online visibility ratio in a month, quarter or year? Finally, your website needs to be mobile friendly or mobile responsive.

4. Facebook Advertising for Small Business

Facebook holds the sole monopoly as the largest social media platform in the world which makes it a great place to skyrocket the online visibility of your small business. Facebook ads for small business are common on the platform and yours can be enlisted too.

You can’t possibly reach out to everyone you know in person about the existence of your business and what it offers, but this be can made seamlessly with Facebook. Since your business website is ready, you now have a backlink to every ad you place on Facebook. You can start by creating a Facebook page for your business model which will allow you to share your business promotional content and products.

Join Facebook groups where online marketing is permitted and utilize that provision to sell your brand but don’t go overboard with it to avoid being banned. These groups should be within your target audience base, you should have known this after understanding your clientele base. Include keywords about your business brand in your Facebook page description and don’t forget to add a link that takes customers directly to your website.

Facebook for small business is one of the cost effective ways of doing small business digital marketing. As your business grows, you can employ a small business ad agency to help you with your online marketing services.

You can also use some apps like buffer to assist you with automation in scheduling content marketing if time is not your ally.

5. Instagram Marketing for Small Business

While Facebook is for general online business marketing, Instagram is dedicated for pictures. It is a platform where you can sufficiently display pictures of your small business brand and all of its offerings in crisp clear picture quality.

Pictures these days tell a lot more than words in terms of marketing packages for small businesses. You can write an epistle about a product and attract no single interest, but one picture can pique the interest of a hundred persons at one glance. This is one of the cost effective growth strategies for small business that you can use to your advantage just like Facebook.

Get your Instagram page link and share in as many other social media platforms you can access and demand for likes. When your brand begins to blossom by the day, the likes and patronage will be coming through without your participation.

6. Small Business Seo Service

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The knowledge of seo is pertinent as far as social media marketing for small business is concerned. Seo makes your website visible on google search engines through the use of the right keywords.

There are certain keywords people often type on Google’s search engine when looking for a particular brand or product online, and if your site is optimized to provide results for these teeming populace of online product researchers, then your small business gets more visibility, more popularity and more return on investment.

This also applies to your social media pages, they should be optimized with keywords to make searching easier for your customer base. There are affordable seo services for small businesses you can get from a small business seo service company.

If you want your website to be on the first pages of search results that google displays for a customer who types in something related to what you offer, then you need this small business for search engine marketing strategy that seo provides.

If you are an attorney or a small law firm. Then partnering with the best seo company for lawyers can be your biggest competitive advantage. Ranking your website on page #1 in Google will guarantee a constant stream of new clients.

7. Email Marketing for Small Business

E-mail marketing is another stream of marketing contents for your small business and getting impressive turnovers.  It is also one of the most viable small business marketing resources you can have at your disposal. It is almost a no-brainer to run because there’s an automation process you can use to generate emails from a huge database and schedule monthly content marketing for your small business.

This won’t cost you an arm and a leg and has the capacity to reach out to more customers than you can envisage. A good way to start is by creating a unique business email identity for your brand. To further make things awesome, you can create a google plus profile for your business. When your business profile is on the largest search engine in the world, it gives you certain privileges like a free listing on Google My Business.

With this in place, whenever people search for your business online, your business profile appears on the right hand side and gives you access to numerous clients. Email leads are still foremost in providing the best turnovers on marketing investment with an average return of $38 for every $1 spent.

Also with an email marketing campaign or an autoresponder campaign you can seamlessly market your small business brand online. You can use online marketing companies for small businesses to ultimately achieve this because of the technicalities involved.

Frequently Asked Questions on Small Business Marketing Tips

When is My Small Business Ripe for marketing?

Marketing is a timeless approach to business success. So until you arrive at that global stage when your brand name is on the lips of people half way around the world, then there is no set time for marketing.

You need marketing all the time and even when your brand is global, new products needs to be marketed.


Do I Need an Email Service Provider?

It depends. If you can afford it, then go for it. There is a free one though and it gives you access to tons of email recipients that you can mail your contents and products to. Go for trusted and reputable providers to avoid being spammed.

So yes, you need an Email Service Provider to boost your email marketing campaign. For one thing, you can’t handle all that campaign yourself even if there are autoresponders and still have the time to strategize for the growth of your small business. You need to delegate this one off your shoulders and focus on other things.

Why Does My Website need to be Mobile Friendly?

People use mobile devices and tabs more frequently than web browsers on computer systems. So your target audience is beyond doubt, an army of mobile phone users who can browse your site on-the-go and access the products and services your business offers.


As a small business owner, marketing is one of the fundamental strategies you can use to grow your business. It involves financial investment which might discourage you considering your shoe size budget but then when it dawns on you the limitless success potentials that marketing can grant your small business, you will definitely consider it a worthy investment.

You can always invest on a small business marketing consultant to guide you on the process if it looks vague to you.

These marketing tips for small business owners that are in this article can give you a perfect head start if you follow them diligently.