Speakers on Digital Marketing Strategies from WSI

Educating business owners on trends, changes and best practices in the digital marketing world is one of the services many WSI consultants offer.  Many WSI consultants speak professionally on a variety of topics using digital marketing strategies.  Most recently I presented in Reno, NV at the American Association of Meat Processors annual conference and at the entrepreneurs conference South Dakota MarketPlace in Huron.  Both times, I spoke about how to use social media marketing tools like YouTube, Facebook and twitter to benefit your business as well as the importance of online reputation management.

The South Dakota Bankers Association is hosting a Bank Technology conference in Sioux Falls. Presenting at the conference is a fellow WSI franchise owner Eric Cook, a WSI consultant specializing in the community banking industry brings with him more than 15 years experience in the banking industry in various positions including chief operating officer and regional president for a community bank in Michigan.  He is presenting on two different topics in the banking industry.  Miking good use of his time in South Dakota, Cook is also speaking at the monthly meeting for Sales and Marketing Executives of Sioux Falls.

For the SDBA, Cook had two different sessions.  The first session covered options in cloud based computing which can increase efficiencies for busy bankers.  Cloud technology refers to web-based programs as opposed to computer based programs, many of which are free.  His second session is covering how to use Google analytics to gain insight into what is working and not working with banking customers online experience.  The wealth of information and insight that can be obtained from knowing how to read and interpret your analytics is invaluable in creating a strong web presence.

Making good use of Eric’s time here in South Dakota, he was also invited to present at the monthly meeting for Sales and Marketing Executives of Sioux Falls.  His presentation, titled “Leveraging Social Technology In Today’s Business Environment” covers various uses of social technology in business. 

In addition to speaking, WSI offers a variety of free webinar opportunities for business owners to gain insight in to various topics, usually addressing changes in the digital marketing world.  WSI Corporate hosts a monthly webinar.  Next month, on October 6th,  the webinar will be .  Eric Cook hosts where they cover various topics.  Unfortunately, due to his travels in South Dakota, there isn’t a session this week, but you can sign up for his Outlook notifications, RSS blog feed on the topics and more by going to the website.