Tips for developing a restaurant on Instagram

Even if you are not a professional marketer, creating a cool account and then automating its promotion will not be difficult for you. The main thing is to carefully read the step-by-step instructions to follow the tips developed on the basis of research on the social network of the new generation. You can lead Instagram by yourself, or you can use the services of SMM-specialist or agency, but neither of them will guarantee you a 100% fulfillment of all expectations. To make a profit that is relevant to the money invested in the account, automate the processes in the social network, buy instagram followers to increase the status of your restaurant and proceed to apply our tips.

Take a look at contacts

Contacts help your potential client quickly find you and get in touch. Put your geolocation on a map and actively use it in your future work. After that choose other ways to communicate with your clients, adding “how to call” and “how to write” buttons with the manager’s phone number and e-mail respectively.


On Instagram, you are greeted by your avatar and then check the quality of your posts. We don’t recommend you put a branded logo on your avatar, unless, of course, your restaurants have become recognizable. Neither do you need a title or a picture with cropped white edges. It’s quite enough a catchy photo in the theme, in the corporate color scheme.

Making a content plan

A content plan is a clear order of publications, implying a list of topics or already prescribed posts for your profile for a certain period of time. Here are just a few points why a content plan is indispensable.

  • Flexibility. You always have several posts in stock, making you more mobile.
  • Getting your priorities right. You’re not racking your brains about how to have time to keep track of statistics, answer questions in the comments, take photos, and then even come up with texts for them. Ready-made content – endless possibilities.
  • Time optimization. Did you know that the human brain is able to automate the same type of actions.? Therefore, to write 10 posts at once is much faster than 2, but at different times.
  • Remote posting. There are many programs for remote posting, which will publish your content at the best time for the audience.

Plan your posting plan based on your selling posts. Their ratio of informational to entertainment should be 1:3.

Visual design

Instagram is a visual network, so the quality of your photos will directly indicate the quality of the content in general and the speed of promotion. Of course, you can try to make a photo for a million likes on your own. To do this, you need to wipe your camera clean, turn on your imagination, study the aesthetics of the frame and take the picture in diffused daylight. Or you can use the services of professionals. The modern digital market is overflowing with them.

Setting up automation

Automating your processes will save you a lot of time. Automatic subscription and unsubscription, increasing the number of likes, as well as raising the activity on the page as a whole after can easily be converted into real profits and real customers.

Posting time

Unfortunately or fortunately, but the Instagram feed has long been no longer formed chronologically. Now there is a ranking system that takes into account the activity and interest of your subscribers. Whether this is good or bad is not for us to judge, but the timing of posting is still as important as ever. To determine the best time to post, go to your stats and track the specific hourly activity for each day of the week. This will help you get more usa instagram followers or target other time zones if necessary.